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How to Draw A Paw Print Easily


Draw A Paw Print

How to Draw A Paw Print. Pawprints are marks left by the paws or feet of certain animals, such as a dog, cat, or bear. If you have a pet, you are probably familiar with this distinctive paw print.

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Paw prints are used as a design and can be seen on t-shirts, bags, and more! It turns out even a paw print can be an art! This has created a huge demand for a free paw print drawing tutorial.

To fulfill our readers’ requests, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to draw a paw print.

This guide consists of 9 simple instructions, all accompanied by simple illustrations to act as a visual guide as you go through each step. Have fun drawing a realistic paw print!

How to Draw A Paw Print

Step 1

Start by drawing a curved line at the bottom of the paper. Next, close the figure by drawing an irregular horizontal line with a bump in the middle at the bottom of the curved line. This forms the metacarpal pad, the largest pad in the pawprint.

Remember that all three corner edges of the metacarpal pad should be curved, as shown in the image above.

Remember to start at the bottom of the paper to ensure enough space for the pads at the top of the pawprint.

Step 2

Draw a diagonal oval shape on the left side above the metacarpal pad. This forms the first fingerprint block of the pawprint, which is on the far left.

Note: The digital pad should not directly touch the metacarpal pad. There should be a small gap between the two, similar to the image above.

Step 3

Draw a larger oval shape next to the one we drew in the previous step. This forms the second pawprint fingerprint block, which should be right next to the first.

Don’t worry if the digital pad shapes could be better! They don’t necessarily have to be. The more irregular they are, the more realistic they look!

Step 4

Repeat the previous step to create the third digital pad, which should be the same size as the second.

At this point, you should now have three digital pads and only one left.

Step 5

Draw a smaller oval shape similar to the size of the first digital block we drew earlier in the second step. This forms the fourth and final pawprint fingerprint pad on the far right.

After completing this step, all four paw print digital pads should be complete. We’re almost done. Keep it up!

Step 6

Draw a slightly curved triangle shape over the first leftmost digital pad. This forms its sharp, pointed claw, one of the most distinctive features of the paw print!

Please make sure the digital pad and its claw are not touching. There should be a small gap between the two, as shown in the picture above.

Step 7

Repeat the previous step above for the next digital pad.

This forms the claw of the second digital swab into the pawprint.

Step 8

Please continue with the third digital block and draw a similar figure to make his claw.

Look at those sharp, pointy claws. You sure don’t want to mess them up, do you?

Step 9

Draw another triangle shape over the rightmost digital block.

At this point, all four digital pads of the pawprint should now have claws. This completes the drawing of your paw print. Now it’s just a touch of color away to make it colorful!

That’s it – you have successfully drawn a paw print. That means it’s finally time for the most exciting part: coloring the paw print!

As you can see in the pictures, we kept the colors light and simple. We colored the entire paw print black to make it look as realistic as possible!

You can color the paw print with the same color we used or choose a different color. You can even use more than one color to create a multicolored paw print. How funny is that?! Have fun playing with colors! We are sure that the colors will be wonderful!

Your Paw Print Drawing is Finished!

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