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Lionel Messi is a household name in the world of football. The Argentine superstar has won numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, cementing his position as one of the greatest players to ever grace the game. But have you ever wondered how much this football legend is worth? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of Messi’s net worth, comparing it to other top athletes and even national GDPs. Get ready for some jaw-dropping figures as we explore just how much money one of football’s biggest stars really makes!

How much does Lionel Messi make per year?

Lionel Messi is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, earning a staggering amount of money each year. According to Forbes, Messi’s salary from Barcelona alone was $92 million for the 2020-21 season. This makes him not just the highest-paid footballer but also one of the highest-paid athletes globally.

However, this figure doesn’t even include his various endorsement deals and sponsorships. Brands like Adidas, PepsiCo, and Huawei pay millions to have their products associated with Messi. In fact, he reportedly earned another $34 million last year from endorsements alone.

When you add up all these earnings sources – his club salary plus endorsement deals – it becomes obvious that Lionel Messi is making an astronomical sum of money per year. But what really sets him apart is how consistently he has been able to maintain such high earnings over a prolonged period compared to other athletes around the world.

In short, Lionel Messi’s annual income can only be described as mind-bogglingly huge!

What is Lionel Messi’s net worth?

Lionel Messi’s net worth is the result of his incredible success as a professional football player. According to Forbes, Messi earned $126 million in 2020 alone, making him one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. However, this impressive figure pales in comparison to his overall net worth.

As of 2021, Lionel Messi’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. This includes not only his earnings from playing football but also endorsement deals with major brands like Adidas and PepsiCo.

In addition to his endorsements and salary from FC Barcelona, Messi has also invested wisely over the years. He owns several properties including houses in Spain and Argentina as well as hotels across Europe.

While it’s impossible to know exactly how much money he has accumulated throughout his career, one thing is clear: Lionel Messi’s net worth is a reflection of both his talent on the field and savvy business decisions off it.

How does Lionel Messi’s net worth compare to other top athletes?

Lionel Messi’s net worth is undoubtedly impressive, but how does it stack up against other top athletes? Well, according to Forbes’ 2021 list of the world’s highest-paid athletes, Messi ranks number two with a total earning of $130 million.

The only athlete who surpasses him is professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who earned $450 million in 2020. However, it’s important to note that boxing has significantly higher prize money than football and other sports.

Other notable athletes on the list include Cristiano Ronaldo at number three with earnings of $120 million, Neymar Jr. at number four with earnings of $95 million and LeBron James at number five with earnings of $88.2 million.

It’s clear that Messi remains one of the most lucrative athletes in the world and his success both on and off the field continues to impress fans around the globe.

How does Lionel Messi’s net worth compare to the GDP of Spain?

Lionel Messi’s net worth is undoubtedly impressive, but how does it stack up against the GDP of Spain? To answer that question, we need to understand what GDP means. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) refers to the total value of goods and services produced in a country within a given period.

As of 2021, Lionel Messi’s net worth stands at approximately $400 million. Meanwhile, Spain’s GDP is estimated at around $1.4 trillion as per Statista. This means that even though Lionel Messi is one of the wealthiest footballers globally and has amassed an incredible amount of wealth during his career with Barcelona FC; his net worth pales in comparison to Spain’s economic output.

It is important to note that comparing Lionel Messi’s earnings with a country’s GDP may not be entirely accurate since they belong to different categories altogether. Still, it gives us perspective on just how much money countries generate compared to some individuals’ earning power.

While Lionel Messi has managed to build an impressive fortune throughout his career due to his talent and hard work on the field; he still falls short when compared with entire nations like Spain in terms of economic output or gross domestic product (GDP).


Lionel Messi’s net worth is undoubtedly impressive. His earnings are a testament to his unparalleled talent and hard work on the football field. With his net worth estimated at $400 million, he has surpassed other top athletes in the world.

Messi’s success both on and off the pitch has made him an inspiration for young aspiring footballers around the world. He has also used his platform to give back to society through various philanthropic works.

While it may seem like Messi’s net worth is incomparable, it is interesting to note that it still falls short when compared with Spain’s GDP. Nevertheless, Messi remains one of the most influential individuals in sports history.

As we look forward to seeing more from this amazing athlete, we can only hope that he continues to inspire us with his exceptional skills and generosity towards society.

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